[Libreoffice-qa] "LibreOffice 3.7 Most Annoying Bugs" tracking bug created

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Tue Aug 28 23:38:27 PDT 2012

Hi all,

after a short discussion on the QA mailing list, I have created the new 
"LibreOffice 3.7 most annoying bugs" tracking bug. You find it at


Please add all critical bugs which have appeared first in our 3.7 daily 
builds to the "Depends on:" field of this new tracking bug.
And (this one goes to our developers) please take a look at this page 
from time to time and try to give the issues reported there special 
priority. Thank you!

Additionally, I have followed Rainer’s suggestion to create a special 
wiki page about the MAB handling procedure which we can correct, expand, 
and translate as necessary -- you will find it at


Feel free to improve that page, if necessary, or to translate it to the 
various wiki languages. (I will complete the German translation soon.) 
Special hint to native speakers: you are very welcome to improve my poor 
English grammar and style ;-)

Thank you all for your good work, and best regards,


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