[Libreoffice-qa] Long Time Unconfirmed bugs

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Thu Aug 30 03:26:55 PDT 2012

Florian Reisinger schrieb:

> a) Go to the ML libreoffice-qa-practise at libreoffice.org
> b) If we have some people there, we could from time to time add this
> list some bugs of  query [1]
> c) Like here, questions could be raised (It could be compared like this:

Hi Florian,

to be honest, I am not happy with the idea of adding more proceedings, 
mailing lists, ... . My suspect is that all that brings up a lot of 
visible activity without adequate progress. We should not invest so much 
time in managing unresolved problems, simply let us use the time to 
solve the problems.

The good part of the idea is to contribute queries like you did in your 
mail. It is something similar like the HardHacks what help us to 
concentrate on old Bugs what should not be forgotten. If we get such a 
priority topic from time to time (every 4 weeks or so) we have something 
where we can see progress with our work Today I see 285 Bugs in your 
query, may be we can reduce that number to 140 until End of September? I 
just started with closing "Bug 42403 - SLIDESHOW: linked SVG graphics do 
not show in Slide Show".

Best regards


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