[Libreoffice-qa] BSA: "Last worked in" usability

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Wed Dec 12 07:01:27 PST 2012

hi QA people,

i've come across a few bugs recently that had "regression" set but
clearly were not regressions, sometimes with silly combinations of e.g.
"Version" and "Last Worked In" being exactly the same version.

so i've tried this BSA thing now (which is how all of the ones i noticed
were apparently filed), and it's quite obvious to me that the UI is not
entirely intuitive here:

 (combo-box of versions)

 "Last worked in:"
 (combo-box of versions)

my current theory is that some end users interpret the "Last worked in"
as "this is the version of LO that i've most recently used to do work",
and not as what is intended, "the last LO version where that feature
worked/that problem did not happen".

so i suggest to rephrase that "Last worked in:".

perhaps something like "This problem did not occur when using this older
version of LibreOffice" ... which is too long but perhaps somebody finds
a shorter formulation :)

i also wonder if it makes sense to hide the combo box behind a checkbox
or radio buttons like "This is a pre-existing problem" vs. "This problem
did not occur when using an older version of LibreOffice".

also, while i'm at it, perhaps this version combo box should also list
OpenOffice.org versions, since i'd consider it a regression if something
worked in say OOo 3.3 but not in LO.

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