[Libreoffice-qa] Evaluating first 3.5.0 Bug-Hunt Session

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Fri Jan 6 10:57:38 PST 2012

Christian Lohmaier schrieb:
> Well - a quick executive summary:
> $ grep "has joined" /tmp/libreoffice.log  |awk '{print $4 "\t" $1
> "]"}' |grep 2011-12-2[567] |awk '{print $1}' |sort |uniq |wc -l
> 168
> $ grep "has joined" /tmp/libreoffice.log  |awk '{print $4 "\t" $1
> "]"}' |grep 2011-12-2[56789] |awk '{print $1}' |sort |uniq |wc -l
> 320


a lot of interesting additional Information!

We have been thinking about automatic generation of some statistics, 
Michael calls one of them "QA-Heroes". Other ones might be "New 
subscribers or something else.

Michael provided an example

Do you see a possibility to create similar information without investing 
too much work?

I am not a friend of too much number fetishism, but some information can 
help to watch whether we are on a good way or running into problems.

So I would believe it would be interesting to have a monthly statistic 

1. Number and account names of new Commenters in LibO-Bugzilla
2. Number and account names of new Reporters in LibO-Bugzilla
3. Number and account names of new Patch contributors
4. Names of most active Bugzilla Bug reviewers

And may be some additional.

The more automation we have, the better it would be, but some manual 
work also would be acceptable, and I would help to publish rough data 
(in the wiki) if necessary.

Currently I only can create 2. with acceptable costs.

Best regards


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