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Dear Sirs
I recently installed Libreoffice and am quite happy with it.
However, I think there is room for improvement in the following areas
In the spreadsheet program, when data is filtered, I can only filter 1 cell at a time.
With MS office I am able to "check/tick" multiple boxes at one time and then filter selectively multiple cells simultaneously.
Please compare with MS office to get an idea of what I am talking about.
Furthermore, when formatting cells, I would like also to know if it is possible for me to set a visible button in the toolbar for the” thousands separator” (,) – as in Msoffice or for the format code  -1,234.00 to be set permanently instead of having to change the setting for each and every file.
At this moment in time, apart from the above, I find Libreoffice to be a very good alternative to MS office.
Well done.
Thanks and regards

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