[Libreoffice-qa] 3.5.0 QA ... from BHS 1 to BHS 2

Pedro Lino pedlino at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 08:22:41 PST 2012

Hi Kohei

> The truth is that different people have different pet peeve bugs they
> want backported to 3.4.x, and we can't respond to all of them because
> it's extra work.  Backporting a change is not free, someone has to
> review the change and make sure that change won't introduce regressions.
> And that's not as easy as you may think, since a lot of things are
> different between 3.4 and 3.5, and 3.4 being marked stable, there is
> additional effort required to ensure no regressions.

I'm aware of the work involved in backporting fixes even if I'm not a
developer ;)

> As for the bug you mentioned, you just need to prod someone to review,
> sign off, and backport that change.  I can't do it since I'm the one you
> made the change; it needs to be reviewed by another developer.

I was quoting that particular problem as an example.
Maybe someone less unpopular than myself can do that :)

>> To be honest I'm puzzled that a program which reportedly is used by 25
>> *million* people worldwide has half a dozen people in QA... I guess this
>> shows a lot about human nature :(
> Could you clarify on this?  I'm not sure how to interpret this.

I meant that there are (reportedly) so many people downloading and
using LO that it is absurd that so few are willing to give something
back... And we aren't even talking about money... just a few minutes
of their time...

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