[Libreoffice-qa] Cleaning up QA Nabble and Archive folders from Spam?

drew drew at baseanswers.com
Fri Jan 20 05:59:28 PST 2012

On Fri, 2012-01-20 at 05:16 -0800, Pedro wrote:
> Hi All
> I'm really happy that the QA mailing has a nice filter and that the Spam
> messages aren't sent to our private emails. Still they are accumulating in
> the Nabble "forum" 
> http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/QA-f3613148.html
> and in the QA Archives
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/libreoffice-qa/2012-January/thread.html
> How are the other mailing lists cleaned up? Manually? If it's a script,
> can't it be used here as well?

Hi Pedro

Ok - deleted what was indeed a bunch of spam at the nabble archive -
added a few emails addy's to the kill list.. looks like only one email
made it to the main archive. 

The fault was mine, wrong option when I set the connection up and this
one list was _not_ requiring a registration at the nabble gateway -
fixed now.


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