[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA related - TSC call 2012-01-26

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 04:36:42 PST 2012

My plain opinion about this: all developers should focus on fixing
regressions. And then on fixing bugs. And only after that in adding new

Simply put: Regressions + Bugs cause to LOOSE existing users.

If someone upgrades to get rid of a bug that was present in his current
install and finds that it is fixed but other features that he needed stopped
working, what action should he take? Go back? Wait? 

If someone bothered to report a bug, you can damn well believe that many
more have found this problem. According to TDF Libreoffice has "millions of
users". Yet only a few (dozens?) bother to report bugs.

Most users that try a free software if they find an obstacle they simply
uninstall it. Very few will bother to find a solution. Even less will bother
to report it. Only a rare minority of these will actually register in the
tracker and actually report it.

How to improve this? Eliminate all bugs *. Eliminate barriers to reporting

* I know this is an utopia. But you can still set it as a target.

Just my 2 (non-dev) cents

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