[Libreoffice-qa] long document difficulties/a compilation I tried to share

Kenneth Koym koymkg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 15:19:35 PDT 2012


Not sure what to do with the returned mail. Sending my work results ... a
report showing problems produced by Libre Office, which I cannot solve
in-house amounts to the best description of a giant hurdle the software is
producing. Hope the administrator has the patience with my earlier email
but below you find what happens if long complex briefs are composed and one
attempts to do what is called making a friend of court source listing ,,,,,
or for you a table of content and or bibliography. Libre Office did good
till just eight illustrations were posted within the 53 pages.

May I share a document I have spent four months writing. Am not concerned
with selling what is communicated in the Brief, rather with what the
document looks like today. I mean that letters are cut off and lines are
super imposed on top of lines. Kindly peruse some pages and see what
happens when small illustrations are displayed along with text.

I do not know how to get around the problems and may be forced by court
calendar to take my work to a Mac or Microsoft Word user. The problems are
too big and there's just not hardly time to work through the problems.

Printing with an old HP Laser Jet 4000 .html has worked but not worked from
Cannon MX420 .pdf or .stw.
 Also, Printing with a Cannon MX420 has not worked but not worked from .pdf
or .stw.

Please send a response if possible. I wish I could chat but am worried how
to bring together -- merge legal case law citations in a source listings
page. Decades back I did it with an old Microsoft Word 3.2 and later with
MS Word XP.

All the best.

Kenneth cell 512.828.9778
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