[Libreoffice-qa] Tinderbox nightlies broken (was Re: No Win builds?)

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Mon Jul 23 07:43:33 PDT 2012

Jan Holesovsky schrieb:

> Adding the QA guys - from my point of view, the nightly should be as
> close to our 'normal' installation as possible (ie. .msi), so that the
> QA guys can see installation problems early too.  But up to them do
> decide, I guess.


that all is a little true for particular tester's preferences. I usually 
do server installations (msiexec /a) and modify bootstrap.ini to an 
existing LibOdev profile, what has been copied from my normal 
installation profile. So I have a realistic test environment. I think 
that would also be possible with  zip, and I already did so with MinGW 
builds sometimes. I saw few installer problems, so I believe .ZIPs as 
daily builds would not have bigger disadvantages.

For occasional testers the simple "installation" of zips (using their 
individual own profile) even might be favorable, so someone has the 
possibility to test a fix for a particular problem with a master build 
without need to learn anything about parallel installation or similar. 
Most times that worked well for me with MinGW builds, what came very 
reliable every day, but currently source has run dry? We will discuss 
those needs additionally during German QA-Weekend.

An Additional advantage of master.zip builds might be that we could 
invite interested WIN users to see and test new features very early.

For me that "quick and easy" is less important because I have to do some 
"administration overhead" to keep overview for the lots of versions.

Very interesting for me (and may be 5 ... 10 other "power testers" would 
be some kind of feed / newsletter or whatever with "New build from 
Tinderbx @xx available"

Best regards


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