[Libreoffice-qa] Very VERY slow Base

David admin at timbacore.co.za
Fri Jun 1 04:00:36 PDT 2012

I have a Base database that is about 22mb in size with approximately 
40,000 entries and climbing. I recently upgraded from LibO 3.4.3 to 
LibO3.5.4 and suddenly my database is really, and I mean really slow. 
Sifting through 30,000 entries on one table takes up to twenty 
minutes???? I uninstalled the new version, returned to the old version 
and everything is back to normal, however, uninstalled the older version 
again, reinstalled 3.5 and the problem is back...

Previously all I had to do was link my LibO to Java Runtime 6.22 and 
keep it there regardless of upgrades in the JRE, but this time it didn't 
work. You guessed it, I'm running Linux (Mint 9 on a Dell D620 Core 2 
Duo laptop). I know there is/was a problem in Linux with OpenOff/ LibO 
and the JRE and Base and the previous workaround was to not upgrade your 
JRE beyond 6.22. Is there a new workaround?


David Silverwood

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