[Libreoffice-qa] Allow for editing of read-only documents

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Fri Jun 1 09:04:17 PDT 2012

This is a heads up that 
"Allow for editing of read-only documents" introduced a minor new 
feature into LO 3.6 shortly before feature freeze.  Quoting from 

   "When e.g. viewing mail attachments (that have been stored r/o to 
some download directory by the mail application), it would be nice if 
the user could easily temporarily modify them (say, play around with a 
spreadsheet, changing some numbers and triggering recalculation of 
formulas) by clicking the 'Edit File' button and not being asked to 
create a copy for editing. Thus:

   "The 'Edit File' button now only toggles the r/o status of the view. 
It no longer asks to create a copy for editing if the underlying 
document is physically r/o.

   "When a modified document is toggled to a r/o view via 'Edit File,' 
LO still asks the user to save or discard the changes. However, if the 
underlying document is physically r/o, saving the document opens the 
'Save As' dialog, instead of just doing a 'Save' operation (which would 
fail on the physically r/o document).

   "The title of the document window now contains '(read-only)' if and 
only if either the view is r/o or the document is physically r/o (or both)."

However, quoting from 
"Work in progress to allow for editing of read-only documents:"  "I 
would appreciate it if people versed with the details of the various 
applications could give it a try, to see whether it breaks any obscure 
behaviour.  (For example, there is reportedly already some support in 
Writer for editing form content of r/o documents.  Does this patch 
affect that?)  The patch looks rather short, but I struggled with it 
on-and-off over the course of several weeks, as every little change 
triggered unexpected changes in other, seemingly unrelated areas."

So, it would be great if people could watch out for anomalies related to 
r/o mode in upcoming LO 3.6 alpha/beta builds.


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