[Libreoffice-qa] New Bugzilla Version Picker items – 2

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Sat Jun 9 01:35:52 PDT 2012

Bjoern Michaelsen schrieb:

> 3.X.Y_alphaZ   - for alpha releases
> 3.X.Y_betaZ    - for beta releases
> 3.X.Y.Z       - for release candidates

Hi Bjoern,

I think we should only use 1 kind of separator, everything else produces 
impredictable sort order results in different contexts.

Unfortunately replacing th underscore by a dot does not heal Bugzilla 
sort order problems, here an example I see in Bugzilla: rc rc release 	
That's ugly	

Condensing this my suggestion for releases is some structure like

MajorVersion.Version.MicroVersion.Workflow.PreReleaseInfo (rc info not in Help about) (rc info not in Help about) (release info not in Help about)  	

I doubt that any approach not containing the leading number structure 
will cause sort order problems. So I think all further suggestions 
should be based on such a leading numbers block.

Any Idea how we can integrate the Branch and Master Versions? Please 
keep in Mind that I do not want to have them all in the Version picker, 
that would produce an endless slider for Versions with 1 reported Bug or so.

BTW I am not happy with the current
"libreoffice- tag created (3.6.0-beta1)"
Although this approach has the charm of "mathematical correctness", we 
can't do that without a volunteer answering all questions like "I have a 
3.6.0 with a 3.5 Tag number, is that a bug?" ;-)
I believe that's too worrying for users (although it seems to work for 
Mozilla, but do we have info how happy they are with that?). But of 
course, that's only my private feeling.

Best regards


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