[Libreoffice-qa] Cleaning bug list

Marc Kaulisch marc at kaulisch.de
Thu Jun 14 03:24:04 PDT 2012


may I suggest that this list of eight important points of consideration 
should be included in this http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugTriage 
For me it would be great if I could have an authorative advise about how 
to deal with open bugs...



Am 08.06.2012 12:27, schrieb Jan Holesovsky:
> Hi Joel,
> On 2012-06-07 at 23:49 -0700, Joel Madero wrote:
>> 1. If there has been a request for information and there has been no
>> response for 30+ days I'm putting NEEDINFO
>> 2. If two or more people have said that they do not have the bug I'm
>> doing the following if there hasn't been action for 30+ days:
>> a. If it's stated that the bug was fixed in a recent release, I'm
>> putting RESOLVED with a comment that if it's not for the author or
>> someone else to open it back up
>> b. If it's stated that it's not our bug I'm changing status to
>> c. If it's stated that it never was a bug I'm putting NOTABUG with a
>> comment saying to open it back up with more information if it is a bug
>> 3. If it's confirmed by other people I'm changing it to confirmed
>> 4. Of course I'm taking a glance at them to see if I can take them on,
>> I've assigned two to myself.
>> 5. If someone appears to be working on the bug and has implicitly or
>> explicitly said they are doing it (ie. it's in progress, almost done,
>> "I'll take this one", etc..) I'm changing to assigned and adding a
>> name
> Thanks so much for this - this is greatly appreciated!  I like this
> approach, and I'd like to ask you for some additional points that would
> help a lot (if that fits your workflow):
> 6. If the bug talks about a misbehavior in a document, but the document
> is missing, NEEDINFO the reporter to provide the document.  Similarly,
> if the bug says something like "create document, do this, do that, do
> another thing, and then when you choose XY, it does AB instead of CD",
> NEEDINFO the reporter to create such a document, so that the developer
> can focus only on "when you choose XY, it does AB instead of CD".
> 7. If the bug is a crash on Linux, ask the reporter for a backtrace, if
> it is not provided yet (unfortunately it is still way too hard to get
> the backtrace on Windows now) - ideally by pointing to:
> http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport#How_to_get_backtrace_.28on_Linux.29
> 8. If the bug is a crash, it is a probable candidate to become one of
> the Most Annoying Bugs; depending on the impact, consider making it
> dependant on
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44446
>> I hope I'm not overstepping, just trying to help as much as possible
>> as it seems like there is a bit of a back log. If this isn't wanted
>> just let me know and I'll cease immediately.
> The opposite - the more people join this effort, the better! :-)  For
> more co-ordination, I am sure people on libreoffice-qa@ mailing list
> (CC'd) will help you.
> Thank you a lot,
> Kendy
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