[Libreoffice-qa] Online update in 3.6

ol klaus-jürgen weghorn ol at sophia-louise.de
Wed Jun 27 11:02:25 PDT 2012

Hi Kendy,
Am 27.06.2012 18:12, schrieb Jan Holesovsky:
> Hi Klaus-Juergen, all,
> I have enabled the online update service for the 3.6 line now too - can
> you please test?  To test, please install the 3.6 Beta1, and choose
> 'Help' -> 'Check for Updates...' - it should offer you the Beta2 :-)

Version 3.6.0beta1 (Build ID: 1f1cdd8) VISTA 32bit

"LOdev 3.6 ist auf dem neuesten Stand."

> Please report back any issues.  Thank you in advance!

So I don't get Beta2.


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