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Seeking your partnership on this issue. 




How are you? I hope fine. I come in contact with your email address as I was searching for who we {my sister and I} will contact to work with us in bringing- out our- investment- money {US$14.6m} from Malaysia to any other good country for- investment and residence. 


I am Mr. Almokhtar Salem from Libya and we traveled- from Libya via Tunisia to Malaysia where we kept our fund, but due to security reasons we decided to move to Thailand a neighboring- country to Malaysia. The dead Col Ghadaffi's son who died in (NATO) bombing was befriending my sister and he kept some- money with my sister due to the (NATO) military campaign heat on his own father's family and government. 


Since after his death, we quietly waited if anybody will come to my sister to ask  for the- money but no one came; so i convinced my sister that we should move away to another far country with the money to re-fix our lives as it is becoming clearer by the day that Col Gaddafi must loose power and probably face justice and so there will be nobody to ask for this- money; she agreed and we left through Tunisia to Malaysia because i have visited- Malaysia- twice before on vacation and my sister has never traveled out before. And to be more secured we moved from Malaysia- to Thailand- but left the fund in Malaysia- where we- deposited it in a Security & Finance Vault there. 


We are now asking if you can- assist us by- receiving this fund on our- behalf in your country or any better- country you may suggest as it will be transferred out of Malaysia to your side. And we shall happily reward you for your- help with a percentage- amount of the total- fund we shall negotiate- later. And if you agree also, we won't mind going into joint- business- investments- with you in such a way that you will bringing in your good- investments ideas/management and we bringing the capital- for- investment- into the- mutually- rewarding- ventures we shall go into by your guide. Please reply to my private email address: almokhtarsalem at muslim.com 


Thanks and hope to read from you soon. 


Mr. Almokhtar Salem.

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