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Yi Fan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Tue May 22 02:30:50 PDT 2012

Dear fellows,

This mail is part of the main thread of Moztrap evaluation online.

Known issues and TODO items

    1. We need to update wiki pages

    2. Decide the login method, Registration&login/Mozilla id/Openid?

    3. Occasionally you may meet cross site verification failure when logging in:

            Forbidden (403)

            CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

        This is not expected but I didn't find out why it happens, possibly it
        is an improper tuning of Moztrap or a bug. On my side, simply
        refreshing times will get the page loaded successfully.

        We will need to resolve this any way.

    4. The running version is based on upstream 1.0.x branch, with slight

        The original system does not design for users sharing testing results
        among each other, I revised a bit of the related code to allow testers
        working as ONE that they will see/retest others' testing status if
        they have the same test case and same environment settings to run.

        So ideally our QA people will not run the same case in the same
        environment again and again. Instead blindly test those cases already
        executed, they can explicitly revise others' testing result when

        However currently the hacking has its limitation. Different testers
        could modify results for a given test case and test environment, only
        the last result is stored but the name of the first tester is
        associated with it.

        We will need to burnish the hack.

    5. Look into i18n and l10n of Moztrap, we need translation system for both
    test cases and Moztrap UI.

    6. Handling locale independent and OS independent test cases. It makes
    perfect sense to run those cases in any and an only locale or OS. In the
    situation, testers should have a equal information of the results of those
    test cases when they are testing in certain different environment
    set. Mostly this is for saving our resources of testing.


    Moztrap development interests could be sent to:

        libreoffice at freedesktop.org

    Moztrap enhancement and ideas could be sent to:
        libreoffice-qa at freedesktop.org

    In any case you can contact me via email:

        yfjiang at suse.com

Best wishes,

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