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Yi Fan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Tue May 22 02:23:15 PDT 2012

Dear fellows,

This mail is part of the main thread of Moztrap evaluation online.

By default, Moztrap allows Guest touring of the system. Without any
registration, anyone can review testing result and how they organized. For
practical evaluation of the system, you should have either of the following

Tester role

    Natively Moztrap supports either Mozilla Persona ID or traditional
    registered way of log in. Since using and hacking to support those method
    or OpenID solution is still pending, we only enabled the traditional way
    at the moment. After a successful registration, you will be automatically
    assigned as a tester, namely you could run test cases when the id is
    born :)

Test creator role

    If you have test cases on hand and want to contribute the test case base,
    please do not hesitate to let me know :)

    In addition, as the format of test case, I feel it would be convenient to
    follow the Moztrap "Bulk test case" entry rule, that a text based test case
    can be stored and exchanged conveniently. More details of how it works can be


Admin role

    Admins could organize test runs, test cases organizations etc.

    Litmus admins, please let me know when registered, I'll assign
    corresponding admin permission for you.

    If some one out of Litmus admin team who wants to try the test case
    management tasks, please show off your previously proven contribution to
    Libreoffice project. Admins would evaluate and decide the granting of

Best wishes,

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