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Florian Reisinger reisi007 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 07:36:47 PDT 2012

This mail seems to only have reached me...

    Rainer Bielefeld-2 wrote
    If we would have 10 people who do an extra review per day for
    the Bugs from Florians queries, we would be through before next spring.

It is possible, but I am concerned about another thing. Look at this chart:
There are already more than 3500 bugs ready to go for developers. What 
good if we add another 1000 (with current backlog in UNCONFIRMED it is 
possible)? Looking at regressions' and MABs' stats every week you have 
to be a very strong mental person to continue playing with bugs... You 
put an effort and energy to process them, but the stack is growing 
anyway. It is sisyphean work...
The real problem is that there is no roadmap to fix those issues. More, 
in my opinion, without Component managers, responsible for nominating 
those bugs for each maintenance release (wishful thinking enabled), 
considering current rate of closing max. 8 Bugzilla bugs daily, it is 
simply impossible.
On the other way HardHack nomination process and fixing rate is quite 
good example that when you show which bugs should be fixed, this could 
work and better the quality of the product. The time has come to 
introduce this on a massive scale. I would propose to fight dataloss and 
regressions first.
Best regards.


I agree wholeheartedly to the statement above ;)
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