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Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Mon Nov 19 10:52:59 PST 2012

Hi everyone,

Just to clarify. We are really looking for your team's wishlist and it 
must be of budgetary consideration. This is not a wishlist for new 
UX-designs, new logos etc. The wishlist should really be discussed with 
your other team members so that we can get a better view of the needs of 
the different LibreOffice teams.

For example: website team is looking at infrastructure (big and small); 
the marketing team is discussing the possibility of "Booth kits" to be 
deployed/shipped to areas/regions where conference materials are in 
desperate need.

Leave me a message on this thread is you have any questions. Please do 
not send me your personal wishlists; I will go around and collect the 
wishlists from your list/thread later or as I see your discussions and 
decisions are made.



Le 2012-11-18 09:32, Marc Paré a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> Just a reminder to your teams about this.
> We are seriously looking at different teams' wishlists. Please do take 
> a little time out of your busy schedule and speak to your teams about 
> any funding for items that you think may be of importance to your team 
> or the enhance the functioning of your team's work on the project. So 
> far there are only the website and marketing teams who are working on 
> some items. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding this. 
> At this point, anything goes, as long as the requests are reasonable. 
> We need these items for planning more effective funding drives as well 
> as for budgeting. It would really help if your suggestions come along 
> with approximate costs where possible.
> Cheers,
> Marc
> Le 2012-10-13 16:45, Marc.Pare at LibreOffice.org a écrit :
>> Hi everyone,
>> In trying to better assess the TDF/LibreOffice funding requirements, 
>> we are compiling a wishlist of funding request particular to your 
>> team's needs. While there is no guarantee that this will get you 
>> funding for any particular item, it will help to better assess and 
>> prioritize the project's needs.
>> I have volunteered to take care of setting up, as well as, document 
>> (facilitate) the proposal from Florian (below)[1]
>> snip
>> ==========
>> "What we effectively need now is a (senseful) wishlist from the 
>> various teams. Think of it as a Christmas wishlist: You write a dozen 
>> things on it, eventually you get two or three, which is fantastic!
>> Besides the infrastructure and cost for ongoing operations, I can 
>> also imagine some developer machines are required, more travel 
>> funding, a marketing campaign, funds to produce collaterals and swags 
>> for giving them away, and many more.
>> My proposal is to create a wiki page, asking the various groups to 
>> write down their wishes, and eventually "distill" a wishlist out of 
>> that.
>> Does that sound senseful? Are there any volunteers for mailing the 
>> various lists and compiling an initial wiki page? " (Florian 
>> Effenberger)
>> ==========
>> I think the key words in Florian's proposal are "senseful-whishlist". 
>> If there are multiple items, you may want to prioritize them in the 
>> right order.
>> I have set up a wiki page to collect your team's list[2]. Feel free 
>> to add these to the wiki page after discussing it with your team, or, 
>> I can also help out with collecting your suggestions by re-visiting 
>> this thread and then add them to the wiki page.
>> Cheers,
>> Marc
>> [1] 
>> http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.documentation.libreoffice.marketing/6143
>> [2] http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Marketing/Funding_Priorities

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