[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA Call 11/16/2012

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 06:56:56 PST 2012

*Time Start: 1405 UTC
     +Slight mix up with call in number, Joel fixed on wiki and sent out 
correction email shortly before meeting

* Present
     +Bjoern, Florian, Joel, Peter
     +Mas joined near end of meeting, time mix up

*Completed Action Items
     +Flos server installation program
         +The minimal build LibO SI GUI is downloading matches 99% 
compared to release configuration only missing MediaWiki and NLPSolver

*Pending Action Items

     +bugzilla Openid alternatives
         +OpenID broken
         +Facebook/Twitter – possibly Gmail
         +Punting for next time, Bjoern will investigate
     + localized bsa stuff
         +French & Brazillian communities have shown interest
         +BSA would go to mailing list instead where someone could 
translate to English and then put on FDO
         +Benefit would be that non-English speakers could get good 
quality bug reports on FDO and that this would make duplicates less likely
         +Setup is basically there already, shouldn't be hard to implement
         +Goal to try with one language first (most likely French as the 
community is very large)
         +Bjoern will discuss this with Rob in Munich

+Number of Old & Untouched Bugs Climbing (well over 700)
         +Is there a need to do a mass FDO status change for old bugs 
that have not been touched for a long period of time?
         +Punted for next time, we will all think of possible solutions

         +Joel showed Wiki page, everyone will think about useful stats 
for marketing
         +Ideas to grow community, triaging is really easy step for 
users to become contributors
         +BSA – invite to join/participate after submitting bug
         +Joel & Bjoern will look into this
     +Twitter Feed
         +Look into expanding twitter stuff that Bjoern has already done
         +Needs admin involved as we'll need another email
         +Discuss in Munich
         +Really really simple wiki page (3-4 points) with the 
simplified “how to triage”
         +Joel will do this
     +Realistic Goals
         +Get ESC involved in some kind of “what's currently being 
worked on”
         +Goal would be to have triagers/users experiment with these 
features before release
         +Punt until after 4.0 release

*Release 4.0 To Do
     +QA/Todo rename 3.7 to 4.0 
         +Everyone will look at this and see if there is anything they 
can help with or other things that need to be done
     +We will merge 3.7 & 4.0 master in FDO

*Agenda & Minutes
     +Automate agenda and minutes through IRC bot
         +Going to try in the next meeting, Joel and Bjoern will play 
around with options before meeting
         +Florian – Good for democratic process of LibreOffice, anyone 
can add to agenda,etc...
         +Possibility to automatically add to wiki through bot – Joel 
likes this

*Hard Hacks
     +Everyone will get 1 additional proposed hard hack on the wiki by 
next meeting

*Next Meeting Date/Time
     +November 30^th ^, 2012, 1400 UTC

*End Time: 1510 UTC

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