[Libreoffice-qa] QA work with Windows Tinderbox builds -- need help

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Wed Oct 24 00:43:27 PDT 2012

Hi V Stuart Foote,

Am 23.10.12 20:24, schrieb V Stuart Foote:
> The commit for this issue was pushed down to the 3.6 tree, but is there a way
> to determine if a specific TinderBox has refreshed and is using a particular
> source?
> I used Fridrich Strba's TB - 9 Voreppe 2012-10-22 23.52.55 time stamped
> build of Windows x86, and I assume the commit had made it into the build.
> But I'm not sure how I would confirm it did.  I didn't see the source in the
> modules in the build log, is there some sort of manifest of what gets built
> that can be consulted--or do you have to ask the administrator of the TB?

I your particular case, we can learn from David Tardon's hint in
that his Patch has the ID
and was pushed to master with the commit message
   "export symbols after gbuildification"

Now we can search the git log for the 3.6 branch at
for this particular commit; it shows that David's patch was pushed to 
the 3.6 branch at 2012-10-22 12:37:06 (GMT).

So, in theory, the patch should be included in the Voreppe build with 
timestamp 2012-10-22 23:52:55.

But you can find out more about a daily build by checking the "... 
build_info.txt" file associated with the daily build; in your case, it is at
and the beginning of this file tells us:

   tinderbox: tree: libreoffice-3-6
   tinderbox: pull time 2012-10-22 23:52:55
   tinderbox: git sha1s

If I am not completely wrong, the last item is the commit ID of the last 
commit to the 'core' module (which we need here) of the 
"libreoffice-3-6" branch which was included in that particular build.

So let's go back to the 3.6 branch git log at
and search for that commit; it is
i.e. Ivan Timofeev's patch for "fdo#55800: fix hex color conversion", 
and in the git log it comes two steps after David Tardon's patch in 
which you are interested.

So, my result is: yes, the "9 Voreppe 2012-10-22 23.52.55" build already 
contains David Tardon's patch for

Hope it helps,


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