[Libreoffice-qa] QA Easyhack prosposal

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Sep 3 09:16:23 PDT 2012

Florian Reisinger píše v Po 03. 09. 2012 v 17:47 +0200:
> > What is the exact plan with the queries? :-)
> If there is a question like this:
> "Hmm, I want to help LibreOffice, but I don't know where to start..!"
> There is no real answer for QA, except: "Have a look at bugzilla.
> There you have to query the bugs you want to triage and then filter
> the OS, so that you can test properly... TBC ... BTW: If you have any
> questions, feel free to ask at this list"
> Answer like it should IMHO be: "You can download a .ods file here:
> <Link> In this file, you can see bugs, which needs to be triaged. Open
> the table with your OS and click one of the bug numbers. The queries
> are auto-updated each hour. For more info, questions ect. ask here."
> But it didn't work due to a bug (which should be filed ASAP).....

I see, it makes sense. Note that Joel already created some documents,
see "Google Documents Bug Groups" at

Best Regards,

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