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Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:20:57 PDT 2012

These are just a few of the things that pertained to QA

   1. Calc (3.6) crashing
      1.  bugs discussed, we need to go through the Unconfirmed and verify.
      The NEW ones are being looked at by the developers
   2. HardHacks
      1. Previous email sent out, we need to finalize the process
      2. Developers have gone through the hard hacks, a continuous list is
      preferred (max of 5-7 bugs at a time, refilling these as they are taken
      care of is best
      3. See previous email for suggestions
   3. Triaging
      1. Begged for more help for back log ;), some interested but
      suggestion of bug hunting session. Time difference could be an issue, can
      someone else in Europe try to arrange this? If it's over the
weekend I may
      be able to join, otherwise very hard
      2. There are 30ish students from Hungary (I believe?) doing
      development, asked for more EasyHacks to work on, I suggested that maybe
      they could help triage and maybe find their own EasyHacks (not sure what
      the result of this was)
   4. EasyHacks
      1. Like above, need more EasyHacks marked, people are available to
      deal with them but there aren't enough out there
      2. My comment: I'm seeing things marked as EasyHack without the
      entire list of things that we usually should put for easy hack
      (particularly bt if possible, and some direction as to where to
look in the
   5. MAB
      1. There really shouldn't be any put to 3.7 from what I understood
   6. Resolved Status
      1. Only mark as Resolved if it's resolved in latest stable, not if it
      only works in latest master (a comment can be put in if it's working on
      latest master)
      2. WORKSFORME unless you know for sure the bug was assigned and dealt
      with by a developer, in which case ask them to mark as RESOLVED
- FIXED or
      mark it yourself (again only if you're sure that it wasn't just
      coincidentally fixed, or just works for you and you're not sure if the
      particular bug was dealt with)
   7. Issues regarding rudeness on FDO
      1. Michael dealt with the one case, banning a user is probably more
      problematic than it's worth.
      2. Creating a wiki page (Joel) to kind of address this, something
      along the lines of "What is not useful in reporting a bug"

I think that was about it, if I missed something, my apologies.

Best Regards,
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