[Libreoffice-qa] Call for Hard Hacks

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Wed Sep 19 23:05:56 PDT 2012

Hi Joel (and others),

Am 19.09.12 20:47, schrieb Joel Madero:
> Sorry for the late notice but this is a call for hard hacks. If you have
> one please reply. Hard hack should be:
> 1. Relatively hard ;)
> 2. The more users affected the better
> 3. CONFIRMED (please, no unconfirmed bugs)
> 4. If there is an included backtrace in fdo that is a +

Here is my candidate:


Bug 51023 - “EDITING: Drag-and-drop slide always moves slide to first 
position, leading to data corruption and sometimes CRASH”.

IMHO a nice, gentle and important bug:
-- it is a regression (something we all don't like);
-- it makes drag-and-drop slide sorting impossible, at least on MacOS;
-- it leads to data corruption: complete pages from the presentation
    are just lost!;
-- it gives beautiful crashes.

Regarding the four criteria, all four are fulfilled:
1) Seems to be hard, because nobody has tried to fix it until now ...
2) Seems to affect quite some users; see the comments and the
    duplicates (at least four).
    A CON might by that this bug was reported for Mac OS X only,
    but a user now states that he can reproduce it on Linux, too, and
    there are definitely some very similar bug reports for Linux,
    which could be very well just the same bug (and therefore even
    more duplicates!).
3) Oh yes, pretty well confirmed ;-)
4) There are even 3 log files from Mac OS X attached to the bug,
    all including a normal stack trace. A full stack trace with symbols
    can be easily generated now, because at least Tor Lillqvist has
    managed to make a full symbols Mac debug build of LibO 3.6,
    so he can (if asked) help with a full stack trace.

If the developers state they need more information, QA assistance etc., 
you can send them to me (bugs at eikota.de).

Just my proposal.


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