[Libreoffice-qa] Sorry for more unconfirmed bugs from 2011 ...

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Thu Sep 20 04:03:25 PDT 2012

Hi Joel et all.,

I am sorry but there are again some UNCONFIRMED bugs from 2011 :-(


While browsing all NEW bugs for Mac OS X, I have noticed quite some bugs 
which have never been confirmed by anybody else besides the original 
reporter. This also means that these issues have never been reviewed, 
checked for completeness, duplicates etc., and therefore I was 
determined to do my duty as a careful bugwrangler and to set the Status 
field of these bugs back to UNCONFIRMED. :-(

I will try to reproduce some of these bugs soon and so to move them from 
UNCONFIRMED status again to NEW or whatever may be appropriate, but 
being a careful (maybe sometimes hesitant) reviewer who double-checks 
most things, I can not do all this work on my own in the next weeks, so 
help (*) by other Mac OS users is always appreciated ;-)

Best regards,


(*) How to help? Just browse the list of UNCONFIMED bugs for Mac OS:


Of course, this list also contains quite some “hard” cases which have 
often been tried to confirm (and very probably really exist!), but have 
never been reproducible, probably because they depend from some unknown 
additional condition ...

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