[Libreoffice-qa] [TRIAGE] Weekly Update

Roman Eisele qalists at eikota.de
Mon Sep 24 23:23:27 PDT 2012

Hi Joel --

Am 24.09.12 20:12, schrieb Joel Madero:
> I am a bit concerned that our # of bugs from 2011 jumped a lot, I'm not
> sure if there's a bug with FDO - before I think we had 11 bugs from
> 2011, now we have a lot more than that.

For some (but only for some!) of these “new” UNCONFIRMED bugs from 2011, 
I am responsible. I have already explained this. A few days ago, I wrote 
to the QA list:

> While browsing all NEW bugs for Mac OS X, I have noticed quite some
 > bugs which [had] never been confirmed by anybody else besides the
 > original reporter. This also means that these issues [had] never been
 > reviewed, checked for completeness, duplicates etc., and therefore
 > I was determined to do my duty as a careful bug wrangler and to set
 > the Status field of these bugs back to UNCONFIRMED. :-(

Let me add that I referred here not to bugs which had already faced some 
discussion, but only to “virgin” bug reports who had never received any 
attention by bug wranglers or developers, and which therefore just slept 
in the database, hidden by the warm blanket of status NEW (and probably, 
given the huge number of bugs, would have slept there forever!).

Setting their status back to UNCONFIRMED has the advantage that sooner 
or later some bug wrangler will stumble over these reports and do what 
is necessary to do, and then (if they are still reproducible and 
important) will CC the developer(s) about them.

Of course, I will try to re-visit and test these bugs myself, I just 
can’t do everything at once ;-)

Best regards,


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