[Libreoffice-qa] Lifecycle of builds?

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Apr 10 07:33:53 PDT 2013

Michael Meeks píše v St 10. 04. 2013 v 10:25 +0100:
> Hi Robinson,
> On Tue, 2013-04-09 at 19:52 -0400, Robinson Tryon wrote:
> > As Pedro mentioned, and as far as I understand it, our next step is to
> > pick an EOL date for each of our builds and then go update the wiki
> > pages. I'd be happy to help update the ReleaseNotes wiki pages, or to
> > ping pmladek and hand that task over to him.
> 	Well - I guess Petr is the best guy to hack that page :-)
> > Mmeeks suggested in this thread that 3.5.x should be considered EOL at
> > this point. As the last release (3.5.7) shipped about 6 months ago, I
> > suggest 6 months as the standard "lifetime" for our stable, shipped
> > builds.
> 	Seems reasonable - 3.6.x will last a bit longer because of the jump to
> 4.0 I think; currently planned at 9 months.

I see that you both use a bit different logic, so we need to decide how
we count the 6 and 9 months. I understand it the following way:

	+ the release is defined by the minor version release, e.g. 3.6
          or 4.0
	+ regular and extra bugfix releases are provided during the 
          life time
	+ the life starts with the .0 release
	+ the life ends when we are not willing to provide any new
          bugfix release
I think that it would be fair to make it live at least 4 weeks after the
last scheduled bugfix release. By other words, we should provide extra
bugfix release if we add serious regression into the last bugfix

If we do it this way, the numbers would look like:

	version     start           end            length

	+ 3.6       Aug 8, 2012     Aug 14, 2013   12 months
        + 4.0       Feb 6, 2013     Nov 20, 2013   9 months
        + 4.1       Jul 24, 2013    May 28, 2013   9 months
It is basically what Michael mentioned because the .0 release is for
early adopters. The release is stable around .3 bugfix relase which is 3
months after the .0 release.

> 	Would changing 'Old Releases' to "End of Life Releases" in:
> 	https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan

Done, including the marketing hint, see

I wonder if there is a list of certified developers somewhere. I have
found only the description at

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