[Libreoffice-qa] Master daily builds for Windows are broken

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Apr 11 09:29:32 PDT 2013

Pedro píše v Čt 11. 04. 2013 v 08:36 -0700:
> Petr Mladek wrote
> > Adding the developer list into CC. It actually should have been better
> > to send the notice there.
> Thanks. I avoid posting there ;)
> Petr Mladek wrote
> > It is a bootleneck to have ony single host and "single" maintainer :-(
> Actually there are 2 tinderboxes that should be building from Master.
> Unfortunately both are not succeeding (#16 isn't even trying...)

I could not speak for this one.

> And it's not a single maintainer... #6 is "owned" by suse in Czech Republic
> (where you are?) and #16 by Norbert Thiebaud

Of course, we could share the responsibilities to some stage. But
please, take in mind that we need to specialize to be effective. Also
everyone has many other tasks. Humans are not bits of data that you
could move fast over the internet. And it even takes some time to copy
the whole harddisk.

Best Regards,

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