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Kieran Peckett crazyskeggy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 11:34:16 PDT 2013

What would that e-mail do? I'm new to the team so haven't been in on any
discussions about it.

On Friday, 12 April 2013, Joel Madero wrote:

> Unless there are complaints by Monday, QA team is going to request the
> following email -- QA-Admin at .... -- from TDF, we understand that it's a
> tentative email and can be revoked at any time but feel like having a team
> email that we can do things like mass close bugs on FDO is a good thing for
> many reasons including:
> 1) Same email can be used for every mass change on fdo
> 2) For people CC'ed on bugs, they *may* be able to auto filter emails from
> FDO if it's generated by a change done by this admin account
> 3) Professional to have an "admin" email
> 4) Will somewhat protect our QA team from complaints from users when we do
> these mass changes, although we want to address as many complaints as
> possible, it's not the responsibility of a single user to be "blamed" for a
> QA team decision (such as closing bugs)
> If there is an issue with this please let me know no later than Monday,
> else I am going to request it and move forward with some of our FDO
> projects.
> Best,
> Joel
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