[Libreoffice-qa] New QA Site - Press Release?

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 09:32:45 PDT 2013

Hi All,

As some of you know the QA team has started to make a new site (thanks 
to Florian :) ). The site will be on qa.libreoffice.org (currently not 
available to the public but we hope to go live this week).

I'm not sure if someone from marketing wants to do some kind of 
statement about this. The main goal for the page is to make a 
professional page where content which doesn't change often can be housed 
(ie. things outside of wiki which we use for things that change 
frequently). We as a team felt like it would be more professional and 
easier to navigate for new contributors if we created our own subpage on 
the qa.libreoffice.org url. Furthermore we wanted to give "shout outs" 
to members who have contributed a lot as a small token of our gratitude 
for their contributions to the project. The "QA Team" site will contain 
short bios and a photo of QA members which have demonstrated commitment 
to the project for some length of time and will continue contributing 
into the foreseeable future. These bios will be about the person, not 
about the project, this is to highlight the community as a whole 
(including our lives outside of LibreOffice).

Some other content that will be on the page is a general overview of QA 
work, how to's for things like our mailing list and #libreoffice-qa IRC 
channel, and OS specific content such as parallel installs on different 
OS' (required for triaging purposes), the SI-GUI for Windows (created by 
Florian) and links to tinderbox directories.

We hope to encourage new contributors to get involved and this will be 
our attempt to make a nice "launching site" for people thinking that 
they want to contribute to LibreOffice to get involved with QA.

If someone wants to tackle a short press release please let us know and 
if there are questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks all!


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