[Libreoffice-qa] Role of the QA calls

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Apr 26 03:55:53 PDT 2013

Rainer Bielefeld píše v Čt 25. 04. 2013 v 19:40 +0200:
> Hi,
> in discussions I sometimes read statements like  „...formal vote next 
> call”. I think here some clarification is required.

I agree that the wording is not ideal and we should improve it. The
processes are often just suggested and you could do it your way if it
does not break others and if it does not create mess in bugzilla. I hope
most of the proposed changes are not in conflict with your processes.

In each case, many of the QA call decisions are about tasks for the
participants and they do not affect others that much. For example, the
contest preparation, talkyoo problems, attachments to FDO.

Some others are about processes that were discussed on the mailing list
where it was hard to reach a conclusion. IMHO, it is worth to get into a
conclusion and the call is the most effective solution. But it does not
mean that it is the final solution. Everything can be improved and

Finally, we have started to discusse things about the formal structure
of the team recently. It is just proposal and I hope that we will not
end there. IMHO, open source projects can't be successful with any deep
and complex structure of decision making. And you are right that this
project is meriocratic. Well, we need a  group of people that will drive
forward some long pending activities, who would make an agreement when
there is long discussions on the mailing list, many different ideas and
no conclusion. We also need someone who would actually do the action or
document it. I think that the QA call is the best place. We need to have
the most active people on the call. I am very sad that you could not
make it.

> The working sphere in the LibO project caused considerable discomfort 
> for me, and because I doubt that this incompatibility can be solved, I 
> decided to leave the LibO project. In future I will contribute to Open 
> Source PLC Programming Libraries.

I am really sad to read this. I hope that we could change this and make
you happy again.

Best Regards,

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