[Libreoffice-qa] Bugzilla Migration Plan

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 10:54:59 PDT 2013

Hi All,

We've been talking recently about migrating our bugtracker to our own
server. There are a number of benefits to such a migration, but we've
often glossed-over some of the details of how to effect such a move.

Florian R. and I stuck our heads together and came up with some good
ideas on how to make this happen. Here's our current draft:

1) Ping our users:

- Ask our FDO users for permission to include their accounts/data in
the new install (this could be as simple as a mass-email asking for
them to reply back to us, or a small Bugzilla plugin where users can
check a box "Please copy my account to LibreBugzilla...")

2) Prep

- Clone the LibreOffice project into a separate bugzilla instance
(still run by FDO)

- Use bugs.libreoffice.org as the url for this new instance of bugzilla

- Add a default license/ToS for all users/new bugs (I suggest CC-BY-SA
3.0 for consistency)

- Document and prepare to transition all LibreOffice infrastructure
that interfaces with FDO (e.g. Gerrit, Ask, MediaWiki, IZBot, etc..)

- Design a redirect system so that LO bug urls on FDO redirect to the
new bugs.libreoffice.org (either with mod_redirect, a custom patch to
Bugzilla, or etc..)

- Change all non-migrated account emails to
"fdo-user_<username-at-fdo>+nomail at libreoffice.org.

3) Migration Day

- Lock-down the LibreOffice project in FDO so that no new changes can
be made to LO bugs

- Copy-over the bugzilla database to the new instance, and make it live

4) Continue to migrate accounts

- For the next few months, respond to user-inquiries about migrating
their user accounts from FDO to the new Bugzilla instance. If we left
passwords, etc.. in place, this could be as simple as telling the user
to log-in with the new username/email address, and have them change
the username back to its original value.

5) Complete the transfer

- After a few months, the FDO admins can delete user
credentials/log-in information for any accounts that have not opted-in
to the new system

- The server instance may be handed over to the TDF sysadmins at any time


-- R

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