[Libreoffice-qa] requesting input for preparing FOSDEM QA-presentation

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Feb 1 05:55:23 PST 2013

On Thu, 2013-01-31 at 15:43 -0800, Joel Madero wrote:
> Next Sunday at FOSDEM I'll be giving the "beginners talk to successful
> participating in LibreOffice QA" - or something similar.

It is great to have someone promoting QA there.        

> 7) Moztrap - although I still haven't really explored this at all

This baby is still doing the first steps and needs a lot of care. It is
living at http://manual-test.libreoffice.org/ . The target is to use it
in the manual regression tests, see 
We are still looking for more good test cases, see

One big issue is that the UI is not localized and the test cases are
localized using a workaround.

Yi Fan Jiang is maintainer and did a lot of work. Lucian Oprea is active
in writing new test cases. Sophie is trying to use it for real testing
with the French community.

Best Regards,

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