[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA Call 01/11/2013

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Jan 23 03:46:18 PST 2013

On Tue, 2013-01-22 at 07:52 -0800, Joel Madero wrote:
> There are quite a few issues with these new rules, mostly due to 
> limitations with FDO but also because of situations we hadn't 
> considered. All of this will be discussed on Friday and we'll hopefully 
> have a final procedure down.
> One of the main issues is that FDO doesn't allow you to go from RESOLVED 

I see.

>  This is quite a large problem as our 
> QA team is using WFM quite a bit more these days as we work through 
> UNCONFIRMED bugs but then a user says "no no no it's still a problem! 
> and then opens it back up as REOPENED", this is incorrect as REOPENED 
> should only be used when a developer is assigned

We could reconsider this statement. A bug in the state "REOPENED" might
need triage as well. It is sometimes reopened a year after it is fixed
because another user sees a similar problem. Sometimes it is better to
open separate bug to solve the other problem and do not mess the
original bugreport.

Once the bug is triagged, we could move it to the state NEW as usual.

Of course, the assigned or CCd developers might touch the reopened bug
even before the QA team. This usually happen when the bug is reopened
immediately after it is marked as FIXED. It is perfectly fine. Bug
triagers do great job when preparing bugs for developers but it does not
mean that developers could fix only triaged bugs ;-)

>  and has said a patch 
> fixed something and then a user says "no that patch didn't fix my 
> problem". Any bug that is unassigned but set to REOPENED is incorrectly 
> marked -- and we're discussing how to handle these.
> This being said, there may be two options:
> 1) Ask Tollef to enable us to use UNVERIFIED after a bug is set to REOPENED

Heh, I newer knew how to move bug back to UNCONFIRMED :-) IMHO, it
should be easier. I am not sure what is the idea behind the current
behavior. Please, add me into CC if you open a bug for this.

> 2) Ask use to change to NEEDINFO and then to UNVERIFIED - hassle

It is not intuitive and confusing, so I would prefer to avoid it.

> 3) Something else that I haven't thought about

A solution would be to reconsider the REOPENED bugs meaning as explained
above :-)

Best Regards,

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