[Libreoffice-qa] Triage Contest - Final Day

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 21:07:56 PDT 2013

Hi All,

We've reached the final day of our great contest. I have to say that the 
goal that was set was incredibly ambitious (just a reminder, 25% of 
bugs) - and guess what, WE ARE WITHIN REACH OF THIS GOAL! We're 
currently sitting at 901 bugs - I think 25% needs us down to 890. Really 
really great work everyone, hope everyone finds some time on this last 
day to get a few more bugs triaged.

I'll be out of town for the next 3-4 days so I will not be 
pariticipating this last day but really a big thank you to everyone who 
did and I hope you all continue to contribute going forward - and of 
course for anyone who didn't participate, we'd love to have you jump 
into the chat and get involved.

For those of you who haven't seen the #'s or are just interested in QA 
and what we do, feel free to take a look at the blog at: 

For all new contributors who participated in good faith (you know who 
you are ;) ) -- please send me privately your mailing address as well as 
the tshirt size which you would like me to order. Joren, Robinson and 
myself will be tallying numbers next week (might take 2 weeks or so) and 
then get the top 3 contestants + the first 10 new contributors a tshirt. 
If you weren't in the first 10, please still get me your info - I'm 
going to try to get my hands on the funds to get a couple more shirts 
together -- no promises :)

Warm Regards,

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