[Libreoffice-qa] Etherpad test drive

Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Thu Jul 11 04:43:34 PDT 2013


Robinson Tryon wrote on 2013-07-10 20:07:

>> thanks to the great support of Robinson, I managed to install a first
>> test-drive of the Etherpad. This is just a quick install, please do not rely
>> on it and do not store any important data there, as the database might be
>> purged a few times during testing, and/or the test instance be shut down
>> without prior notice.
>> Anyways, here's the URL where you can play: :-)
>>          http://pad.documentfoundation.org
> Thanks, Florian!
> The system seems nice and responsive, and even with three people
> typing simultaneously shows no lag or slowdown for me.
> Our next QA meeting is on July 26th. It would be great to be able to
> use this install of Etherpad at that time. Please let me know if
> there's anything else we need to do to make this production-ready by
> then.

so, indeed, I managed today to set up the rest, including some useful 

Please test this Etherpad and let me know any issues you discover. ;-)

However, be *CAREFUL* - it's still in testing mode without a proper 
database, so all pads *WILL* be deleted when I put this into production. 
Don't store important data there for the moment.

Looking forward to your feedback ;-)

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