[Libreoffice-qa] Send Feedback...and BSA ideas

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Mon Jul 15 15:33:27 PDT 2013


On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 05:59:37PM -0400, Robinson Tryon wrote:
> I did that and I was told to stop.
> One big problem with Ask admins reporting a bug for a user is that the
> reporter is....the Ask admin. Do you run OSX 10.7? Do you run Windows
> Vista?  I don't, so when a dev comes back and asks me for repro steps,
> I have to shrug and say "Go talk to user XYZ on the Ask site".... and
> as you said, the devs don't use the Ask site!

Yeah, its probably best to suggest users to file a bug and offer to help them
along on #libreoffice-qa once the bug is triaged roughly. I dont think we need
to bother with bugs as long as those are obviously not welltriaged.

> Another problem is that if they haven't provided enough information,
> we can't tag the question as "NEEDINFO" and let the Ask system pester
> them for more information (although this would be a *great*
> improvement that I'd like to see!)

THB, I did something similar with a question recently: Asked a long idle
incomplete question if there is an update on the missing info and then closed
it as "outdated" a few days later as there was no reply.

> Many/most new users on the Ask site do not read old questions. Of the
> small number that do, most of them either know how to file a bug or
> learn very quickly. So I don't think that me filing bugs for people
> will have much value in leading by example (but I could be wrong...).

Only file bugs for others when you can reproduce the bug. Otherwise guide them
through filing their bug themselves. This also makes the motivation for a
reproduction scenario clear to the other guy.
> > So: Give the people a smooth migration path towards bugzilla and allow them to
> > test the waters on askbot, instead of a migration scenario that requires a
> > sleep all-in learning curve, which will make a lot of them just turn away.
> It's a novel idea, having people start on Askbot and then having them
> learn how to use the bugtracker later, and it's not something I'm
> entirely opposed to, but it's a very drastic change to how we've been
> using FDO and the Ask site up until now.

Note that experienced users will should be encouraged to stay with fdo (and
will likely do so all by themselves). So: If you now what bugzilla is, go with
it, otherwise better stay with askbot. If you have "(experienced users:
bugzilla)" behind on the feedback page, you can hopefully divide the stream at
that point already successfull as those saying "oh, I know bugzilla" will go
for it and those who do not will evade "(experienced users: UNKNOWN_THING)".



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