[Libreoffice-qa] Send Feedback...and BSA ideas

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 09:34:46 PDT 2013

On 07/20/2013 08:31 AM, Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 09:35:55AM +0100, Michael Meeks wrote:
>> 	Personally I love the scope the BSA provides for making the end-user
>> presented components arbitrarily better. I'd love to make it easier to
>> find the BSA, and point more people at it instead of bugzilla - which (I
>> agree) is uber-lame for new users. I'm personally surprised that only
>> 30% (IIRC) of bugs come through the BSA - and I guess it'd be
>> interesting to work out what refererres the others come from so we can
>> 'BSA'-them ;-)
> I guess, the 30% BSA bugs come from the fact that most bugs need a bit of back
> and forth with the report -- which still happens exclusively on bugzilla. Also
> I dont think thats bad, if people who come back use bugzilla once they found
> their way around in it -- actually that is a Good Thing.
> IMHO we should look at primarily is first-bugs-filed at bugzilla, not those
> filing their second, third, tenth bug: If even people who never used bugzilla
> or the BSA also go for bugzilla, we should indeed look at that.
> However, my suspicion still is:
> - people go to BSA
> - BSA tells them to get a fdo bugzilla account
> - they request one, and wait for the mail they need to confirm
> - they get some friendly welcome mail from bugzilla telling them they can now
>    start filing bugs (and of course link to _bugzilla_ and not the BSA)
> The last step is breaking the BSA workflow.
> Of course, if it were _our_ bugzilla, we could change that. ;)
>> 	Which makes me think: have we considered adding the initial feedback
>> page not as some intermediate page before the BSA - but as an initial
>> flow for the BSA itself ? :-) particularly if you don't have a bugzilla
>> account re-directing people to Ask / give an easy +1/-1 etc. ?
> I dont think adding pages would do any good, but we could/should:
> - have a link to IRC #libreoffice-qa on all pages of the BSA
>    (like we have it in the footer of gerrit)
> - possibly more work:
>    - trigger on words/phrases like "cant find" or "how" and then ask people, if
>      they are needing support and offering a link to ask then(*).
> Best,
> Bjoern
> (*) Although that sucks, too:
>      - go to BSA
>      - create bugzilla account, get no link back to BSA
>      - go there on your own
>      - Start describing your issue
>        - get told "you should use ask instead"
>      - click link
>      - need OpenID login
>      - describe problem _again_ ...
Hm how about this instead. The landing site starts with the login and a 
notice on the bottom about needing an account. When they sign up they 
sign up for both FDO & Ask in one go so then they'll never have to worry 
about this again. From here it asks "is this a bug" or some such thing 
(happy/sad face) and depending on that - it goes to the same BSA but the 
result of submitting goes to Ask or FDO depending on what they put. Then 
there is no repetition on their side....

Just thinking out loud here - I think we have a few opinions flying 
around and it'd be nice to be on the same page (at least kind of?)

1. Landing page/no landing page - seems like Bjoern is very hesitant 
about any landing page while others think it's an okay idea to let users 
sort their own bugs. If we can avoid duplication of work by users I 
think that's the biggest issue for Bjoern while overloading Ask admins 
or QA personnel in screening bugs/non bugs and directing users is the 
other fear.

2. At what point should user login or be required to have a login - IMHO 
they should just get one immediately - then there is no need to deal 
with it later and ultimately, we want our users to have a login to FDO 
as it acts as a barrier when they don't for both reporting bugs & 
getting involved.

3. Our own bugzilla - I think QA has decided that this is the long term 
goal really as we keep having to do workarounds on BSA to deal with the 
limitations of FDO. I know Tollef said it is probably time for us to 
have our own as he keeps having to do conditional statements "if product 
= "LibreOffice" do all these special requests that they keep pouring 
on". Also lately it seems like the FDO admins might be even more 
overwhelmed than usual as some of our agreed upon changes are taking a 
long time to implement. Of course I don't blame FDO as I know they are 
stretched thin but if we had more control we could just get some of 
these things done in an hour or less - such as a warning about 
responding via email & updating the text for "version".

Warm Regards,

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