[Libreoffice-qa] [libreoffice-l10n] [ANN] LibreOffice 4.1.0 RC4 test builds available for smoketesting

Mateusz Zasuwik mzasuwik at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 03:44:54 PDT 2013

2013/7/24 David Tardon <dtardon at redhat.com>:
> On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 09:21:56AM +0200, Mateusz Zasuwik wrote:
>> And it explain why we must wait so long for new release.
> Huh? It only delayed the release by a couple of days.
>> In this place
>> I would like to thank people who let me open old Mac Word files from
>> 1992 (I don't have even one)
> If you are trying to imply that this somehow affected the work on other
> things, you are wrong. The author of the filter is not active in
> LibreOffice and integration of it has been relatively simple work.
> (Btw, I have never created an encrypted file yet... Do you see where
> that kind of attitude is heading?)

The only thing I imply is that new major release is enhanced by
useless formats. These files are dead, they come from dead software
and in bugzilla system you won't find even one bugreport relevant to!
Linux is alive platform and encrypted ODF files are in common usage.
It would be great if elementary functionality just works instead of
adding features no one needed.

> You reported a bug for that 2(!) months ago. That means you have known
> about the issue all that time and done nothing to make it more visible
> to us. So stop bitching now. (Btw, it took me 15 minutes to find the
> cause and 30 seconds to fix it.)

More visible? Apart from this, I asked people on IRC channel
(libreoffice-dev) to glance at this issue. I got 2 answers: "Calm dam.
You reported this bug a few days ago, and developers still have much
time!". Second one: "yeah! ask them (developers) to give you back your
money". Later I tried to interest Joel Madero but he wrote back he has
freedom of choose and he is not interested this bugreport. My bad
luck. Under Leif Lodahl's blog post (
) someone pointed out that TDF supports dead formats but doesn't care
for StarOffice formats which are still in usage. I made my comment
about lack of support for encrypted ODF files. And you know what? This
comment was blocked and never published. So don't tell me I am do
nothing (referring to your post on fdo) because for this period I was
treated only like intruder.

You fix it in 15 minutes? Great! So now many people can just wait next
half of year to 4.2 release. Thanks a lot for attention.

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