[Libreoffice-qa] daily bibisect

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 18:44:32 PDT 2013

On 07/28/2013 12:00 PM, libreoffice-qa-request at lists.freedesktop.org wrote:
> I have added some instructions to deal with tags latest and oldest in
> the daily bibisect repo
> <https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/index.php?title=QA%2FHowToBibisect&diff=73085&oldid=73084>.
> Will you be good enough to look over the changes?
> Of course, if the repo came with these tags laready in place, that
> whole section of the page could go away.
> Thanks,
> Terry.
I'll take a look - we've been talking quite a bit about cleaning this 
page and I see that you're adding and cleaning it up. Was wondering if 
you'd be willing (if not let me know and I'll take a stab at it) to do a 
couple things to the page.

1. Can you add a note that says if the bibisect shows the bug the entire 
time (ie. it's prebibisect) to mark the version as 3.5beta0 in FDO - 
this is the best we can do currently - and add "prebibisect" to whiteboard.

2. Rearrange the page just a bit - I think logically
a) Intro
b) Limitations
c) Download stuff
d) how to bibisect (currently in a different location)
e) Bug that need bibisected
f) troubleshooting

I think only one change there but it makes more sense intrinsically to me.

3. Another minor thing that I see is in "versions" it says 
bibisect40bugs for bugs that need bibisecting - as far as I know every 
bug that needs bibisected is "bibisectrequest" - I haven't seen the 4.0 
and 4.0+ (daily) differentiated - perhaps I missed something though :)

Thanks Terry for tackling this how to wiki - it has a lot going on there 
so the cleaner and simpler we make it the better.

If you're busy or just don't want to do it just let me know - I didn't 
want to be editing over you :)


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