[Libreoffice-qa] LO does not use own certificates

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Wed Jun 19 00:09:01 PDT 2013

Good morning all,
I need someone, who can confirm the following (you need to have own 
certificates from e.g. CaCERT to test it ... ;) )

0. If you want to create a certificate to test this issue, go to 
https://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=1, enter your data and follow 
the instructions, or use a certificate, which you have exported from 
Firefox ... ;) But I would prefer someone, who has already 
certificates at hand ... ;)
1. Go to "Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Security" and click on 
"Certificate..." (there are two mnemonics with "c", btw ... Would it 
not be better to change the one from "Certificate" to something 
different like "C_ertificate"?)
2. In the following dialog, click on "Add..."
3. In the "Select Path" window, browse through the tree to the 
directory, where you have saved your certificate
4. Click "OK"
5. Choose "manual | /path/to/your/certificate(s)"
6. Click "OK"
7. Confirm the following dialog to restart LO
8. Do it ... ;)
9. Do step 1 again ... ;)

I would expect LO here to have marked my chosen certificate path and 
not the default Firefox profile (just out of interest: Is this 
"$MOZILLA_CERTIFICATE_FOLDER" there expected? In my installed LO 
Version (Build ID: 0eaa50a932c8f2199a615e1eb30f7ac74279539) 
it shows something like "firefox:default-$no." ). Could someone 
confirm this with a different OS/architecture?

Sorry for the inconvenience and if something is not clear, feel free 
to ask ... ;)

Make it myself? But I'm a physical organic chemist!

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