[Libreoffice-qa] QA Contest Call

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 06:48:17 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I opened up the room for ~5-10 minutes and tried hangout but no one was 
around so I closed both.

Basically main points:

    We should try hard to maintain presence in the room as some people
    will I'm sure have some questions - try to make it comfortable for
    others to speak :)

    People who have been with the project quite awhile maybe should
    focus on harder triages if at all possible

    Scoring - I still need ideas on this, I have a worst case right now
    (manually track unconfirmed bugs starting at 0000 and have a meta
    bug that we try to use but neither of these has easy access to who
    triaged - meaning it'll still mean quite a bit of work.

That was about it, I have a goal in mind for the 2 week period so 
hopefully we can get there, I'll be dedicating nearly all of my 
LibreOffice time towards triage work and not other things during the 
time frame.

Warm Regards,

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