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Florian Reisinger reisi007 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 10:46:20 PST 2013


I want to give you a warm welcome to the QA team....
Please keep in mind, that QA is something like a never-ending story....

So a few things right at the beginning:

1) We have a QA channel at freenode (#libreoffice-qa)
2) we have a biweekly call on friday
3) You may start with 4.0 bugs:

If you are on Windows, you might want to have a look at this:

Don't hesitate to ask if you need help...
If you triage a bug, please insert yourself into the QA contact field...
(I hope, that this wasn't too much for the takeoff at QA :)

Liebe Grüße, / Yours,
Florian Reisinger

Am 02.03.2013 um 17:30 schrieb Kieran Peckett <crazyskeggy at gmail.com>:


I am Kieran, and I have been active at lo-documentation and lo-users for a
month or two now, and have now decided to join QA, as I feel that won't
take up too much more. I am posting this as an introduction to myself so
that you all know who I am and don't wonder "who is this guy" whenever I

I have already posted a couple of bugs at FDO and have done a bit of
triaging today as well. I did do a bit of QA-ing at Mozilla a few months
ago on bugzilla, but after having stopped using their products I found it
to be a bit boring, so a few months later I took a look at the LO Get
Involved page, and as I've said, joined the Docs team and have decided to
branch out slightly more.

One note I would like to make, though - the page on the LO website only
mentions the developers mailing list, whilst the TDF wikipage also mentions
this one - a correction could be made there so that they don't have to
subscribe to a second list, or think "is this the same one?" and end up not
subscribing to here as well. Maybe list both at LO, and maybe just this one
at TDFwiki? If this was intentional by you, then don't worry about it, I
was just thinking that new users may get a bit confused by 2 links in 2
different places.

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