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Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Mon Mar 4 15:15:43 PST 2013


Thorsten Behrens wrote (04-03-13 23:58)
> [new template dialog problems in 4.0.0]
> thx for the look into that - as a first question (Cc QA list), is this
> list triaged enough for hackers to start poking at high-prio issues?

I did quite some checking, rephrasing, and closing of dups. And 
discussed when needed in the comments.
Did not take a close look at all prio's set.
Also I have few minor issues here, that I did not yet file.
And there are some issues related, in the sense that they are about 
missing functionality that was in the old dialog. But I guess any hacker 
looking at it will quickly link them.

So far for what I looked at it. I had a (global) discussion with two 
contributors (qa/hacking) last Saturday too, that does not lead to 
different view.
Still, I'm open for what others find of course, but the short answer 
should be 'Yes' ;)


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