[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes - QA Call 02/22/2013

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 07:59:59 PST 2013

Start Time: 1405 UTC

People Present – Florian, Joel, Petr

Completed Action Items
*Note: From now on Completed Action Items will not be listed on agenda 
and will only be visible on minutes
*Moved relevant 3.5 MAB to 3.6 and closed 3.5 MAB meta tracker (Joel)

Pending Action Items
+Triaging NEEDINFO
-AGREED: We will move forward with auto closing these bugs moving into 
the future
-AGREED: One warning will be given where we:
*Thanks users for their report
*Acknowledge that it's been in NEEDINFO for at least 180 days
*Ask again for information requested
*Say that if information is not given within 1 month, bug will be auto 
closed as INVALID
-ACTION: Florian will write text for first “warning”
-General agreement that at most it would be 20% of bugs are actual bugs 
but more likely much lower than this and without this move, they would 
never be touched

+Localized (French)
-Awaiting word from Rob, mostly done though

*Realistic Goals – Moved to New Action Items

*Funding Wishlist
+Waiting for update from Bjoern
-Necessary to get update for triaging contest

*Triage Contest
+No discussion
+ACTION: Joel will work on wiki page

*QA Wiki's
+No discussion
+ACTION: Joren & Joel need to continue working on this, cleaning QA and 
QA Team(s) wiki pages

New Action Items
+Most Annoying Bugs
-General Policies
*No nominating your own bugs!
*Only active triagers & developers should do this
*Triagers will try their best to add comments when they add a bug to MAB
*UNCONFIRMED – remove them
*NEEDINFO – can stay on there, but shouldn't stay on NEEDINFO
+QA Field
-We've been much better about assigning ourselves as QA contact after 
-Action: Joel will contact Tollef about getting a “take” option for QA field

*Hard Hacks
+New bugs added, awaiting feedback from developers
+Candidates should be limited to MAB list for the most part but other 
particularly difficult/annoying bugs can be added

*QA Project / Realistic Goal
+ACTION: Joel will work on getting this page started, should include all 
projects (long/short) along with goals and “lead contacts”

*Timestamp for Master Builds
+Action: Petr will look into getting some kind of time stamp in the 
about section of master builds, latest commit date/time is best but 
other option is time of build.
+Bjoern may know something about this as there was discussion a year+ 
ago about doing this

*New Features
+Major concern about new features squeezing through without enough QA 
+Many times QA is unaware of new features until it's too late to test, 
no good list to “test first”
+Action: Joel will ask ESC if they are okay with
-Developers create or use an existing bug and add "feature:<version>" 
flag into whiteboard, e.g "feature:4.1"
*This will help to find a tested even during the development phase
-Developers mention new feature in the release notes once completed; see 
links at https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan ;
*mention there the existing bug if exists;
*the bugs has to me marked as FIXED
+QA monitor the release notes page; They make sure that all features 
have assigned bug and that all bugs have the proper "feature:<version>" 
flag; It the bug does not exist, they create it and add the developer 
into CC; the bugs should be marked as FIXED at this stage because the 
feature is ready
+ the bug will be used to track the testing activity and marked as 
verified once it pass testing; it could be used as a meta bug for 
tracking related bugs that breaks using the feature

+Agreed: QA will use “verified” more frequently with FIXED Enhancements 
especially those marked as NewFeature
+Agreed: Comments will be used to show that multiple QA people test new 
+Petr brought up moztrap being a possibility to test new features
-Needs further investigation (volunteers needed)

*Talkyoo Broken (skype)
+ACTION: Petr will look into other options as this call two people tried 
calling in using skype but failed to successfully connect

Action Item List
-Write text for NEEDINFO bugs

-Triage contest wiki page
-Contact Tollef about QA “take” option
-QA Projects/Goals Wiki
-Ask Developers about our idea for New Features

-Timestamp on Help – About for people building LibreOffice
-Conference call options outside of Talkyoo

-Twitter Feed
-Mime type default – FDO
+Joel also contacted Tollef about this, no email in return
-Version message – FDO

-Metrics (bugs)
-Update QA and QA-Team Wiki
-Bug Importance/Priority Default
-E-Mail QA-Team page members to find out if they want to remain on list
-Ping Tollef to see if we can make it so NEEDINFO and WFM bugs can go 
back to UNCONFIRMED bugs
-Shipping options for prizes/gifts

-Update QA and QA-Team Wiki

End Time: 1455 UTC

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