[Libreoffice-qa] minutes of ESC call ...

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Thu Mar 14 16:10:11 PDT 2013


Michael Meeks wrote (14-03-13 17:10)

> * Learning lessons from the template manager story (Cedric)
> 	+ was never included in any release as an experimental feature
> 	+ can we find a way to encourage people to try experimental features ?
> 	+ communication problems around entirely new UI elements (Astron)
> 	+ better testing of new designs needed early in the cycle (Cedric)

I agree that this is just quite hard to achieve. Even when started well 
in time: when the process is slow, and substantial changes are done 
after some time (all the case here, IIRC), you may run in time problems 
too :-\

> 	+ no need for a formal process, shouldn't be hard to get
> 	  testers for nice new features (Bjoern)

Plus that maybe working with the feature brought as experimental, 
reduces the (understandable) temptation to release a feature when the 
release date is close, in stead of when it's fine enough.

> AI:	+ need design for copying styles between templates (Astron/UX)
> 		+ either in that dialog or a new dialog
> 		+ also issue with only editing templates that are
> 		  in the mgr

Just added a suggestion for the latter to the relevant issue.
Pls don't forget the related issue(s) wrt the menu.


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