[Libreoffice-qa] I will like to know more about you

hallimaaamk wilson hallimaaamk-22 at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Mar 20 14:12:47 PDT 2013

Hello my Dear, How are you today?.

Thanks hugely for your very nice 
reply, well i believe that age, color, distance, tribe, should not 
matter in a true relationship and i believe that relationship begins 
with introduction, so, i will like to tell you about myself, My name is 
Miss Helima Wilson Douglas, from Liberian in West Africa, I am 24 years 
old 5ft 8'inches tall, Single never married, Black hair and brown eyes. I
 am presently living in Tambacounda Senegal due to the Civil War fought 
in my country Liberia some years ago.

My Father was a wealthy man, before the rebels attacked our house 
one early morning & kill him & my mother, With My younger 
sister. It's only me that is alive because I wasn't around when this 
happened, I was in the University where am schooling, am doing my first 
year in Accountant department in the university, I then manage to 
abscond to following west African country SENEGAL where am residing now 
as a Orphan.

I am seriously looking for a nice friend or partner of kind heart in
 my life, therefore, I will like to hear from you soon also to tell you 
more about my life due to I have a lots of things to tell you only if 
you are willing to know about it. I am leaving now in a Tambacounda 
Orphanage Home under a Missionary care, and i am using the Orphanage 
Home office computer to send these message to you. I would like to know 
more about you. Your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and the type of 
work or business which you are doing presently.

My dear, things are very bad for me here in this Tambacounda 
Orphanage Home where i am living today. This place is like a prison as 
we are not allowed to go out It's just like one staying in the prison 
and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon.

I hope to hear from you soon

Yours Miss Helima wilson douglas, 		 	   		  
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