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Joren joren.libreoffice at telenet.be
Sun May 19 06:07:40 PDT 2013

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Hi all,

I'm noticing many duplicates and invalid bugs in the bug tracker and 
keep thinking how we can get a grip on that. Having better organization 
would be essential to keep the bug tracker clean. So for user 
suggestions about new features I am suggesting to create an ideas page 
similar to

* Sibelius: http://sibelius.ideascale.com/
* Path Finder: http://feedback.cocoatech.com/forums/275-path-finder-ideas

That would be a good way to let users participate in a voting process 
and have them contribute the craziest ideas without cluttering the bug 

Every 2 months or so QA could go over that ideas page and see what get's 
the most votes (let's not digress into the votes discussion ;) ) or 
delete invalid ideas with a short comment.

I think that could improve the bug tracker situation and prevent us from 
wasting precious time. Also the users are challenged more to present 
their ideas in a nice fashion so they gather more votes.

What do you think?

Best, steve

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