[Libreoffice-qa] Portable vs Parallel: which one is better?

Kieran Peckett crazyskeggy at gmail.com
Mon May 20 11:33:50 PDT 2013

On 20 May 2013 19:06, "Pedro" <pedlino at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tommy
> Tommy wrote
> > I'll try asking about the 3.6.6
> Thanks! ;)
> Tommy wrote
> > I think that the whole portable X-LibO repository from winPenPack could
> > a valuable tool for QA guys.
Just out of interest... how?
> It is indeed. Actually it seems that the developers of wPP are more in the
> Open Source spirit than the guys at PortableApps. Maybe TDF should buddy
What  is meant by that? It seems that all PA.c installers are Open-Source,
even if the apps (like Chrome or Skype) aren't.
> with the wPP also (or instead?)
I'd say also - there are many people (myself included) who use PA.c often,
and I would miss the builds linked to from there. With PA.c being as
well-known as they are, especially with portable versions of software such
as Skype and TweetDeck being released recently, people who, previously,
have used OOo or AOO may start using LibO as it is the only other full
office suite there, and it looks more updated than OOo portable, especially
as it has support for saving in the new MSO formats, rather than just
reading them, which is ultimately part of what swayed me towards LibO. OOo
which is a version older than 3.4, which is obvious due to the different
home menu. This was actually how I discovered LibO and I'm sure others have
> Tommy wrote
> > IMHO it's much easier to deal with no-install packages rather than
> > parallel installations.
> It is a double edged sword. On one hand it is indeed much easier. On the
> other hand since the packages need to be modified it is difficult to be
> if the observed behaviour is caused by LibreOffice or the hacks used to
> it Portable...  As Florian said the parallel install uses the same
> binaries and registry keys so it is less modified than a portable version.
I agree - for testing of older versions, paralell / server is the way to
go, but for people coming with questions about the portable version, I
think an archive should be made available.
> But thanks to you I'm now a fan of X-LibreOffice :)
> BTW One very important detail: you can run as many X-LibreOffice versions
> simultaneously and at the same time as the standard install AND parallel
> installs.
> Goodbye PortableApps, Hello winPenPack :)
I hope not - the LibO Devs (I'm assuming they do it seeing as it's hosted
on the LibO site, not sourceforge) seem to be portablising it pretty much
in time with the main production, as updates come through on the menu very
almost as often as the main app. I hope that, in the end, we stick with
PA.c, but also help out WPP, as
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